Tapping points

Durable and robust pits and above-ground hydrants


When designing tapping points, DEMACLENKO pays particular attention to easy installation and maintenance, but especially to safety and working convenience. DEMACLENKO offers hydrants that are installed as overground tapping points, as well as concrete pits (C-series) or pits made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic (F-series) that are positioned underground.

Since all parts are prefabricated in the factory, they can be quickly and easily assembled on site. The special shape of the pits allows convenient work, as the space inside is very spacious. There are double hatches in the pits, so that one can be used exclusively for access, while the second, thanks to its flange connection, can accommodate any type of snow gun - from mobile versions to lances and even tower-mounted fan guns. This means that separate foundations are no longer required to fix snow guns in a permanent location. 

In addition, the pits contain all the connections for water, air, electricity and control. Spur lines specially developed by DEMACLENKO with flexible high-pressure hoses designed in-house allow the pits to be located at precisely the right spot, and absorb movements of the cast iron pipes. To do away with the use of branch tees underground, the power cable is looped through the pit and clamped to a rail system (this way, the terminal can be directly connected).




Preassembled concrete pit available with various equipment (with/without base, 1- or 2-part, reinforced/lightweight concrete etc.)

Preassembled pit made of reinforced plastic (FRP) with or without bottom - available with various equipment.

Connection possibilities for water, power and communication cabling - especially suitable for mobile snow guns.


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