Ventus 4.0 Blizzard

Performance, Technology and Design

Performance, Technology and Design

VENTUS 4.0 BLIZZARD is the optimized new edition of the revolutionary Ventus 4.0, which
marked the new era of the 4.0 line at DEMACLENKO when it was launched in 2017 and established new market standards. VENTUS 4.0 BLIZZARD excels with even more sophisticated technology, revised design and improved blower shape, making it the highest quality fan gun in its class.


Ventus 4.0 Blizzard

  • 1

    An unbeatable relationship between performance and consumption: 90 m³/h at less than 20 kW

  • 2

    Optimized snow output thanks to a newly developed water module

  • 3

    Fifteen switching steps for maximum energy efficiency, especially at marginal temperatures

  • 4

    Innovative nozzle ring made of cast aluminium with integrated heat exchanger that heats the ring and cools the compressed air at the same time

  • 5

    Simple maintenance, user-friendly operation

  • 6

    Completely new control unit, highly efficient cabling

  • 7

    Improved fan shape that spreads snow further and improves snow distribution across the piste


Ventus 4.0 Blizzard

  • Compact galvanized chassis incl. 3 support legs and optional wheels
  • Snow gun frame mounted lifting device for safe and easy equipment transport by snow groomer
  • Compact minimal weight construction equipped for helicopter high elevation placement
  • FRP blower with aluminum nozzle ring
  • Revised water module with 4 magnetic valves (proven and reliable COAX® technology)
  • Stainless steel water nozzles and brass alloy nucleators
  • 360° rotation controlled manually or
  • electronically
  • Control cabinet with IP55 degree of protection
  • Water module with drainage and central water connection
  • Cooling of the compressed air via the water filter and the nozzle ring
  • Automatic or manual height adjustment 0° and 45°
  • Oil free compressor
  • Three-color LED indicator lamp integrated in the casing
  • Force-ventilated weather station
  • User-friendly access to water filter and water module
  • Fan start via soft starter
  • On request also available with gap filter
  • Software and control options available in different languages
  • Fully automatic snow production when operated in a network or in isolation
  • 7” color touchscreen showing water temperature, pressure, water flow, snow quality, air temperature, humidity, electrical consumption as well as statistical data
  • Programmable oscillation from 10° to 330° also with automatic barrel height adjustment available
  • Wind-tracking function integrates with Snowvisual control software (applies to snow guns on tower and winch tower)


  • Symmetrical load sharing, no neutral conductor necessary
  • Designed for 380/400/440/480 V - 50/60 Hz*
  • Efficient cabling via CAN bus
  • Operation via WiFi as standard using smartphone, tablet, laptop
  • Remote maintenance and updates via GSM
  • GPS receiver
  • Proven and weatherproof DEMACLENKO touch display, easy to operate with any type of glove
  • Integrated interfaces Ethernet, WiFi or USB

*Other voltages available upon request