Titan 3.0

Titan 3.0, the predecessor of Titan 4.0, impresses with an outstanding production volume of 110 m³, the excellent snow quality, the efficient energy consumption and the minimal maintenance requirements. It is also available in a silent version with a noise-reduced blower and in a model with a "multi-nozzle" system, which achieves first-class results especially in high humidity, marginal temperatures, and low-pressure plants.


Titan 3.0

  • 1

    Maximum snow production in all temperatures ranges

  • 2

    Maximum throwing range thanks to the optmized blower


Titan 3.0

  • Compact zinc-coated chassis and legs with optional wheels
  • Lifting device directly on the frame of the snow gun for a convenient and safe transport by the snow groomer
  • Compact design with low over all weight
  • FRP (fiberglass composite) barrel with aluminum nozzle ring
  • Stainless steel water nozzles and brass alloy nucleators
  • 360° rotation controlled manually or electronically
  • Automatic or manual height adjustment between 0° and 45°
  • Electrical cabinet with IP55 protection standard
  • Water module with drain and central water connection
  • Aftercooling of the air via water filter
  • Oil-free compressor
  • Spotlight and warning light
  • Force-ventilated weather station
  • Easy access to the water filter
  • Soft start for fan
  • Software and operating system available in various languages
  • Fully automatic snow production when operated in a network or stand alone
  • 7” color touchscreen showing water temperature, pressure, water flow, snow quality, air temperature, humidity, electrical consumption as well as statistical data
  • Programmable oscillation from 10° to 330° as well as automatic height adjustment
  • Wind-tracking function integrates with Snowvisual control software (applies to tower- and inclined-elevator-mounted snowguns)


  • Standard operation via Wi-Fi with a smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • Current-monitored power outputs and surge protection
  • Power electronics designed for 380V/400V/480V and 50Hz/60Hz*
  • Diagnostics via remote maintenance
  • Indication of the current direction as well as real-time current measurement
  • Integrated interface for software update via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or RS485

*other voltages available upon request