Evo 3.0

Compact and powerful

Compact and powerful

Evo 3.0 impresses with its low weight and compactness, by still being able to produce relatively large amounts of snow. Its compact design leads to a high level of profitability and efficiency and is also ideal for use on narrow slopes or connecting paths.


Evo 3.0

  • 1

    Energy-efficient snow gun with a low weight and snow production of 70 m³

  • 2

    Most efficient in the compact class with power consumption of only 16 kW


Evo 3.0

  • Compact zinc coated steel chassis incl. 3 electroplated support feet and wheels
  • FRP (fiberglass composite) – barrel with aluminum fan
  • Aluminum nozzle ring
  • Stainless steel water nozzles and brass alloy nucleators
  • Manual or electrical rotation 360°
  • Barrel inclination adjustable manually or electrically between 0° and 45°
  • Valve unit with self-draining and central water inlet
  • Oil-free compressor
  • Warning and LED spotlight
  • Forced ventilated temperature sensor
  • Easily accessible water filter
  • Wind chasing function available with snowVisual integration (valid for AT/ATK and AS/ASK)
  • 7.0“ touch display to operate the machine including information on water temperature, pressure, throughput, snow quality, air temperature and humidity, energy consumption and statistical values
  •  Additional control possibility via wireless LAN with smartphone or tablet, operation with gloves in all temperature ranges
  • Error messages switch off the snow gun if required
  • Automatic rotation adjustable between 10° and 330°
  • User language can be chosen freely


  • Operation via WIFI integrated as a standard in all control units
  • Current monitored power outputs and lightning protection
  • Robust power electronics designed for 380V/400V/480V and 50Hz/60Hz
  • Possibility of comprehensive troubleshooting through remote diagnostics
  • Display of the direction of the current
  • Integrated interface for software update vie Ethernet, WIFI or RS485

*Other voltages available upon request