Offering the highest quality and reliability - this basic concept is firmly enshrined at DEMACLENKO and drives our daily work. Our quality management makes sure that this is not an empty promise and only knows one direction: the principle of “continuous improvement”.

A snowmaking system is comprised of many individual components, which DEMACLENKO produces itself or sources them from leading manufacturers in the respective industries and installs in the factory halls. The strictest quality criteria and careful inspection of these components, as well as the highest quality standards in the DEMACLENKO production facilities, are the crucial factors to guarantee punctual and smooth-running commissioning of the system for the customers. In doing so, we rely on the many years of know-how of the HTI Group and orientate ourselves towards the strict criteria from ropeway engineering and the snow groomer technology of the sister companies, LEITNER and PRINOTH.

Our standards are certified by the ISO 9001:2015 norm, the most prevalent norm in quality management, nationally and internationally. This certification is awarded by an independent certification company and guarantees the independent confirmation that all requirements of ISO 9001 are completely implemented. This is checked with meticulous audits that are repeated every year. In parallel with this, internal continuous audits are also conducted between the departments, in order to structure the procedures as efficiently, foresightedly and smoothly as possible.