The beating heart of the system


The pump station, whose planning and implementation has been one of DEMACLENKO’s core competencies for years, is the heart of the snowmaking system. The pump station and the pipelines to the snow guns are dimensioned to fit the requirements of the ski resort perfectly by a team of experts. For example, the required total flow rate and the pumping level of the water play a role in this. DEMACLENKO uses pumps from the most reputable manufacturers for pumping water and boosting pressure.

All the pipework, from the low-pressure wall duct to brackets, pipe supports, drainpipes and small pipes are individually pre-planned by DEMACLENKO down to the smallest detail.

The detailed elaboration of the pump station in 3D also enables the components – with the exception of a few sensitive connectors – to be prefabricated to a precise fit in the in-house metalworking shop. This significantly simplifies the assembly process at the construction site, as the parts only need to be assembled on site and no adjustments are required afterwards. The components are hot dip galvanized as standard, which strengthens their load-bearing capacity even more and provides protection from corrosion.

For water delivery and pressure boosting, DEMACLENKO uses reliable pumps from most reputable manufacturers. These pumps are available in pressure classes up to 100 bar. Depending on the application, submersible pumps or dry mounted centrifugal pumps are used. The latter can be single-stage or multi-stage pumps. The electric drive is implemented via soft starters or can be continuously controlled using frequency inverters. The pumps are sized based on the throughput or delivery head required.

DEMACLENKO also offers mobile pump systems available in 2 different versions for snowmaking for small to medium-sized surfaces or for temporary solutions where no permanently installed infrastructures are available. The standalone pump version supplies up to 2 snow guns with the water required and is installed directly on a carriage or operated via a dedicated control cabinet. Alternatively, DEMACLENKO offers specially equipped snow guns with a booster pump already permanently installed on the product.

DEMACLENKO plans every station down to the very last detail in 3D. The piping, which is generally galvanized, is pre-assembled in our own metalworking shop under strict quality requirements. That significantly facilitates the installation process on the building site.

All hydraulic fittings such as slides, valves etc. and their drives (electric, pneumatic, manual) are selected based on the respective requirements.

DEMACKLENKO plans and implements all control and electronic engineering systems. We can rely on the many years of experience of our affiliate company LEITNER ropeways. We apply their high security and quality standards from the passenger transport sector to DEMACLENKO snowmaking systems.

An automatic backwash filter permits interruption- free operation of the system, even when the filter is being cleaned. The system is flushed after set periods or automatically based on the differential pressure caused by soiling.

If necessary, a UV disinfection system can be incorporated. The UV treatment allows complete reduction of the germs verifiable in the water.


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