For plants with central compressed air supply


Compressed air is a fundamental element of technical snowmaking. If the snow guns do not have their own compressor, it is possible to install a centralized compressed air supply to ensure security of supply for the system. In this way, the snow guns are supplied with compressed air through the compressor station by means of PE pipes. DEMACLENKO uses compressors from the leading suppliers, which are specially designed for the air consumption of the snow guns.

To optimize the compressed air and room temperature, DEMACLENKO also designs and installs ventilation systems. From simple support fans to ducted aeration and deaeration systems, every need is identified and implemented by our specialists.

Since the air can also contain water in the form of steam, oil residues or dirt particles and other impurities common in the air, the use of a wide variety of filters guarantees that compressed air free of impurities is provided and fed into the central compressed air system.


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