- 12-16-2022


Shortly before the end of the year, DEMACLENKO will once again shake up the snowmaking market with an unprecedented product sensation. The technology leader in snowmaking was already able to surprise visitors at this year's Mountain Planet trade show in Grenoble with the new E-Tower. Its basic concept has been taken to the next level and put into practice: DEMACLENKO proudly presents "The Ghost".

With "The Ghost", DEMACLENKO is pursuing an innovative, even more holistic product concept and the goal of combining aspects such as user-friendliness, functionality and efficiency at a completely new level. The principle of the "Ghost": a snow gun is mounted on a hydraulic lifting device and can be lowered completely into a pit via a hatch. The basis for this technology has already been established with the E-Tower, presented at the 2022 Grenoble trade show, where the snow gun is mounted on a retractable inclined elevator. With "The Ghost", this approach was taken further, on the one hand to expand the product range and, on the other, to be able to respond even better to individual customer requirements.

The "invisible" snow gun 

The advantages are obvious: protected by a hatch, the snow gun can be garaged directly in the pit when not in use or during the summer. In addition to the practical benefits, this also enables the snowmaking components to be integrated discreetly into the surrounding environment - another aspect to which DEMACLENKO pays particular attention.

Unbeatable ease of handling

Thanks to the elevated position on the lifting tower, optimum snowmaking results can be achieved. For maintenance or removal, the snow gun can be lowered easily, and maintenance can also be carried out directly in the pit. Statically, of course, the construction is designed in such a way that snow groomers can also drive over it without any problems.

 Offering genuine innovation

With this unprecedented technology, DEMACLENKO once again underscores its leadership in innovation in the snowmaking industry. "The Ghost" precisely sums up what has been deeply anchored in the company's DNA since the beginning of its history: offering genuine innovation and rethinking user-friendliness.

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