- 04-05-2024


Also DEMACLENKO will be showcasing its latest innovations and turnkey solutions at Mountain Planet in Grenoble from 16th to 18th of April 2024.

We will be presenting our extensive range of snowguns known for their unparalleled resource efficiency and outstanding performance: Firstly, the new Evo 4.0 – making its debut – represents a completely revamped and optimized version of the already renowned Evo 3.0, recognized by customers as a compact yet extremely powerful snow generator. The Evo 4.0 comes with further enhancements in terms of cost-effectiveness, power, and noise reduction. Alongside the Titan 4.0 and the Ventus 4.0 Blizzard, it completes DEMACLENKO's 4.0 family of fan guns, setting a new standard, particularly in resource efficiency.

Of course, "The Ghost" and "E-Tower" cannot be missed, two DEMACLENKO solutions that take maintenance and ease of use to a new level. "The Ghost" has already attracted attention at Interalpin in Innsbruck in 2023. The concept: protected by a hatch, the snow gun can be stored directly in the pit when not in use during the winter season or throughout the summer. In addition to practical advantages, this allows the snowmaking equipment to blend discreetly into the surrounding environment. The "E-Tower" is based on a similar innovative concept, allowing the snow gun to be mounted on a retractable tower, which can be lowered into the pit.

Also on display are the EOS 4.0 lances – including the double-head version EOS 4.0 DUO – and the hybrid solution Evo 3.0 ATC/ATCK, a fan gun that can be integrated into pure lance systems. Visitors can also discover the latest premium models of DEMACLENKO concrete and fiberglass pits. Not to be missed is Snowvisual 4.0, DEMACLENKO's control software that integrates all components of a snowmaking system into a single automated and intelligent system. Visitors can learn how sophisticated resource management makes snowmaking operations as efficient and cost-effective as possible, thereby reducing management costs.

To meet the increased demand for efficient snowmaking solutions independent of climatic conditions, so- called all-weather snowmaking systems, the DEMACLENKO product range offers various all-weather snowmaking technologies. Adherent, soft, dry, wet: we can provide exactly the type of snow desired. The systems are installed in containers and are available in various sizes and daily production volumes. The systems are delivered "turnkey" and can be used with various refrigerants. Installation is simple, and commissioning is particularly quick thanks to the "Plug & Play" principle. The products, unique in their kind and entirely made in Europe, meet the highest quality standards. The SNOWPRO 70 will be presented outdoors in Grenoble, ready to showcase its efficiency, quality, and capacity to the audience.

Mountain Planet Grenoble (FR)
16.-18. April 2024
Indoor: Booth 1310
Outdoor: Area 3