- 02-02-2024

DEMACLENKO and TROYER: clean electricity from the snowmaking system

DEMACLENKO and TROYER have a joint innovative approach to the subject of energy: utilizing the infrastructure of snowmaking systems not only for producing snow, but also for generating electricity using hydropower.

The starting point is simple: snowmaking systems are generally already equipped with components that are also used in hydroelectric power generation. These include water catchments, reservoirs, pressure pipes and machine rooms. The combined use of this infrastructure not only offers the skiing area economic benefits and cost savings, but also represents a tangible step towards sustainability. The snowmaking system therefore not only consumes electricity, but can also generate it itself.

The basic idea itself has been around for some time, but the approach by DEMACLENKO and TROYER stands out because of the following unique selling point: design, production and execution come from a single source, as both companies collaborate under the umbrella of the HTI Group. DEMACLENKO is one of the leading brands for snowmaking systems, TROYER specializes in sustainable energy supply with hydropower. This synergy once again demonstrates how customers can benefit from the combined innovative strength of the HTI Group through specific solutions.