- 04-26-2022


Discovering ever more efficient and sustainable solutions for technical snowmaking has always been the main focus in DEMACLENKO’s research and development. That’s why, as the sector’s innovation leader, DEMACLENKO every year manages to demonstrate pioneering spirit and come up with unique technologies that point the way to a more sustainable future for the industry. 

EOS 4.0 & EOS 4.0 DUO
Lance technology redefined

The EOS 4.0 is the latest generation of DEMACLENKO’s resource-saving, energy-efficient snow lance. Many years of tried-and-tested technology go hand-in-hand with a whole series of innovations to create a product that fulfils all of the market’s requirements. Its nozzle head and control cabinet have been completely revised, increasing efficiency and performance yet again. Not only has performance been significantly increased in the marginal temperature range, so too has snow quality. Like its predecessor, EOS 4.0 is equally impressive on account of its versatility. Numerous configuration options can be adapted individually to meet requirements and customer needs, guaranteeing the greatest possible flexibility. With a water flow rate of up to 6.9 l/s and a maximum production quantity of 69 m³/h, the EOS is one of the market’s top players. At the same time, its power consumption is only 0 to 2 kW, depending on the model. The optional compressor operates oil-free and is one of the most efficient and highest-quality solutions available on the market, at only 1.5 kW.

With the EOS 4.0 DUO, DEMACLENKO also presents its proven lance model in a powerful double head version. It unites the usual unbeatable energy efficiency of the EOS with a powerful water flow of 8 l/s, producing an unbeatable 80 m³/h of snow.

Ventus 4.0 Blizzard
Optimum performance-to-consumption ratio

The Ventus 4.0 Blizzard is the upgraded new edition of the revolutionary Ventus 4.0, which had already established new market standards and marked a new era in DEMACLENKO’s 4.0 line when it was launched in 2017. As before, the product offers an unbeatable ratio between consumption and performance, producing 90 m³/h of snow while consuming less than 20 kW of energy. There are now no less than 15 switching steps, making operation even more energy-efficient, which proves a particular advantage in the boundary temperature range. The nozzle ring is made of cast aluminium, which requires significantly less heating. And,thanks to an integrated heat exchanger, the nozzle ring is heated while the compressor air is efficiently cooled. Maintenance and servicing is simple and straightforward, because all of the relevant components are grouped together in easily accessible places. An optimized fan shape achieves an impressive range and optimum snow distribution on the piste. 

Evo 3.0 ATC/ATCK
Fan power meets lance technology

Evo 3.0 ATC/ATCK is available with or without compressor and combines the power of a fan gun with the simplicity of a lance. This means that the product can easily be integrated into lance-only systems, bringing the benefits of a fan gun, such as on wider or windier slope sections. By adapting fan technology to the requirements of lance systems, DEMACLENKO has proven its role as a technology leader once again.

Smart usability

The innovative E-Tower is unique in the market and solves the problem of the difficult accessibility of snow guns that are permanently mounted on towers. It combines the advantages of tower-mounted snow guns, such as projecting snow from an elevated position, with those of mobile snow guns, like easy transportability. The E-Tower is also really safe and user-friendly to work on, as it can easily be lowered for maintenance while the snow gun remains accessible from all sides. This also enables faster and safer assembly/disassembly and easy removal of the snow gun. Another unique selling point: the snow gun remains 100% functional even in its lowered position. When retracted, the tower is also very compact and disappears almost completely into the pit.

C150 Premium concrete pit
Ultimate safety standards

DEMACLENKO has raised work safety to a new level with its new C150 Premium pit model. In addition to the long-established standard model, another pit has now been developed with an extra-wide access hatch (80 x 80 mm), making for even greater ease of use. The shape has also been optimized to make the interior even more spacious, but without it being any heavier than the standard model. DEMACLENKO’s pit systems offer closed circuits, ease of use, great stability and durability, as they are reinforced by default and are suitable for all towers and inclined lifts up to 6 m. Pre-placed mounting openings and elements also make them quick and easy to install.