Titan 4.0

The most powerful fan gun on the market


TITAN 4.0 combines uncompromising functionality and ease of operation with top-notch services and high quality design. It underlines once again DEMACLENKO’s position as a leader in innovation and technology in the realm of snowmaking, and wins through its outstanding snow quality, efficient energy consumption and minimal maintenance costs.


Titan 4.0

  • 1

    Outstanding snow production up to 120 m³/h

  • 2

    Redesigned nozzle ring and increased number of stainless steel water nozzles by another 4, which creates a 5% increase in total flow rate in comparison to the predecessor model 25.4 GPM (12 l/s)

  • 3

    Reduction of power consumption to only 23 kW

  • 4

    Titan 4.0 also features efficient air cooling via the water circuit - a technology that has been standard and proven in DEMACLENKO snow guns for years

  • 5

    Optimized performance in the marginal temperature range, as the water module and nozzle ring are combined and fitted with another switching circuit

  • 6

    Equipped with the latest power electronics and the tried-and-tested DEMACLENKO touch control terminal as standard, which can be operated easily with any types of gloves

  • 7

    Relatively low weight, which is particularly crucial for safe and easy transport by helicopter or snow groomer


Titan 4.0

  • DEMACLENKO designed chassis with adjustable feet for easy and safe positioning on any terrain
  • Snow gun frame mounted Lifting device for safe and easy equipment transport by snow groomer
  • Compact minimal weight construction equipped for helicopter high elevation placement if desired
  • New geometry of fan blade and barrel wing as well as quiet design compressor for reduced noise emission
  • Aluminum nozzle ring
  • Water module integrated in nozzle ring
  • Stainless steel H2O nozzles and brass alloy nucleators
  • 360° rotation controlled manually or electronically
  • Automatic or manual height adjustment 0° and 45°
  • Oil free compressor
  • Three-color LED indicator lamp integrated in outer cowling
  • Force ventilated weather station
  • Easy access bulk water filter
  • Fully automatic snow production when operated in a network or in isolation
  • Programmable oscillation from 10° to 330° also with automatic barrelheight adjustment available
  • Wind-tracking function integrates with
  • SNOWVISUAL control software (applies to tower- and inclined-elevator-mounted snow guns)
  • 7” color touchscreen showing water temperature, pressure, water flow, snow quality, air temperature, humidity, electrical consumption as well as statistical data
  • DEMACLENKO Snowvisual control software available in different languages


  • Symmetrical performance distribution, no neutral conductor necessary
  • Power electronics designed for 380V/400V/480V and 50Hz/60Hz*
  • Efficient cabling via CAN-Bus
  • Standard operation via Wi-Fi with a smartphone, tablet or laptop
  • Remote maintenance and updates via GSM
  • GPS Receiver
  • Proven weatherproof DEMACLENKO touchscreen display operable with gloves
  • Integrated interface for software update via Ethernet, Wi-Fi or RS48

*other voltages available upon request