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Snowvisual – The control software for fully automatic snowmaking systems


Snowvisual is the product of many years’ experience and expertise covering everything to do with snowmaking technology and automation. Snowvisual minimizes the amount of resources used while maximizing snow volumes and without compromising the supreme quality of the snow produced. This has been done by enhancing and fine-tuning its efficiency and its automatic system over many years.
Full automation allows snow gun operators to make efficient use of the increasingly short windows offering suitable weather conditions. As soon as the operating conditions required for snowmaking are fulfilled, Snowvisual uses its activated automatic system to start up the snowmaking system efficiently and in the blink of an eye.

Snowvisual is the core element in our snowmaking system. Thanks to its modules, which are the result of many years’ ongoing development, it can be aligned precisely with the requirements and circumstances of the mountain and its existing systems. With Snowvisual it is possible to integrate existing snowmaking equipment and combine it all in one compact system.
Snowvisual comes with a variety of communication drivers for use with standard industrial protocols (Modbus, TCP/IP, Modbus RTU, Profibus DP, etc. are standard interfaces), enabling external systems and devices to be integrated easily.
To guarantee maximum reliability and ultra-fast communication, serial field communications (optical fiber, cable, or wireless technology) are spread across multiple communications servers. Large data transmissions are mainly made via optical fiber/Ethernet, while special copper cables are primarily used to communicate along new field lines for snow guns. Existing or other large areas can be connected using wireless or radio technology. Our technicians produce the ideal design and configuration for this process even before the planning stage is complete.

Handling resources correctly is extremely important for both operators and company management. Using water, air, and electricity in the best possible way helps to cut costs and optimize snow volumes. 
Key to all this is resource management, which is largely provided by the following functions: reporting, rate of water consumption, measuring snow height and priority control. The targeted use of these resources enables an extremely cost-effective snowmaking setup without compromising on the customary quality.
SNOW PRODUCTION VOLUME: In detailed mode, the current rate of water supply to the pit is
displayed. This function allows operators to identify where more snow needs to be produced and
where minimum coverage or the target has already been achieved.

Data analysis allows snowmaking system operators to access the right information at the right time and is the main prerequisite for increasing productivity and for identifying any irregularities quickly.
PRODUCTION REPORT: Even in the standard version of Snowvisual, customers are able to calculate consumption data for all their snow guns and pits over any desired period of time. Automatic daily reports can also be generated (and exported as CSV or PDF files).
NEW! MEASURING SNOW HEIGHT: The latest version allows customers to set up an interface with their snow height measuring system and display the corresponding data. The XML import tool prepares the XML export data from the snow height measuring system and makes them available in numerical and chart form.

The control software is simple to operate and has a user-friendly interface. With its intuitive and ergonomically designed graphic display, the system provides easy access to all relevant details and holds all the information required for snow production.
The software can essentially be operated in one of two ways. The first is the general operating mode, which features fully automatic system startup. The second is semiautomatic mode, in which the snow guns and pumps can be started up and monitored separately.