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Get in touch with...the Swiss service team

You’ve already been working with us for a while, when did you actually start?

Christian:"I started with Demac in spring 2010."

Harry: "I’ve been working as a service technician at Demaclenko since September 2013. I used to work in the vehicle assembly sector."

Do you like your job? What made you decide to work in the service team? In particular you deal with the maintenance of snow guns:

Christian: "I love our work team, we work well together and we help and support each other. Our work is never monotonous, every day there is something different. I also like the idea of working in places where other people are on holiday, and this is what made me choose this job."

Harry: "Yes, because it’s never monotonous, it’s dynamic, and every day is a challenge. We are truly a dream team, in my opinion, almost a second family. I also like the fact that in this sector you get to see new places and meet new people. For me this new job is like a breath of fresh air compared to my previous position, and it came just at the right time in my life."

What is a typical day like for our service staff during the high season?

Christian: "A typical day?? It doesn’t exist… I would say that some nights and days are never ending. Just imagine, the battery on my mobile is already dead around midday."

Harry: "A typical day usually starts in the evening. My phone starts ringing, and the first thing we do is to try and solve equipment problems by giving the customer precise instructions over the phone. If we see that the problem can’t be resolved, we head off full speed - a good night’s sleep during this period is an impossible luxury."

What do you do in your spare time?

Christian: "There’s really very little spare time. It depends a bit on the period. I certainly spend all the time I can with my dog. I also like travelling, discovering new cultures and new countries. In summer, I get my motorbike out and hit the road, especially if the weather’s good. And when it’s mild and not so cold, I also enjoy walking in the mountains. In winter... well, my eyes are on the pistes at work, and if there’s time, I’m on my board or skis."

Harry: "I’m in the Sirnach and the Guggenmusik Mosnang bands. Otherwise I meet up with friends to play squash, or ride around on my Monkey Bike. Then there’s my old Mercedes minivan that needs a bit of care and attention so that it’s ready for the summer holidays."

You must have many experiences with customers to talk about. Is there any particular one that had a lasting impression on you?

Christian: "There are so many stories to tell... but one in particular comes to mind: three of us were with a customer to change the EPROMs on about 15 snow guns and build a bridge on the communication cable. We got back from the customer during the night and there was about a metre of snow. At one point, the weather got worse and it started to snow more and more... but that’s not the half of it… a snowcat driver arrives with his bright red groomer to lead us to the piste to repair the machines. The trouble is that this driver was a fresh-faced boy who had started working barely a week before. We had just finished with the second gun when them driver, looking rather frightened, asked us if we knew where we were as he had lost all sense of direction. But we used our radio to help the driver find his bearings and head towards the right piste. Everything seemed fine, but as soon as he attempted to move the vehicle, it got stuck in the snow and we were left caught in the middle of the blizzard. It seemed as if things would never end. After a while, another two snowcats arrived and pulled us out, and we were able to continue our work on these two guns."

Harry: "I really only remember the moments when I could finally catch my breath, sit down and have a coffee with a customer once everything had gone well and the job was finished. In those moments, you get to know a person, not only on a professional, but also on a private level. And then there are the breathtaking views of our mountains which remain in my heart."
Maria Lerchegger
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