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Get in touch with... Philippe and Caterina

"Hello! Could you introduce yourselves and tell us what you do at Demaclenko?"

Philippe: "I’m Philippe Jobard, 46 year hold and I’m working in snowmaking business for more than 20 years as project & technical manager. Now I’m in charge with my colleague Franck Tiffreau to develop Demaclenko snowmaking business on French Market. I’m pretty in charge of technical part for French project in order to follow the Demaclenko standard way of work. I’m also in charge of sales for some ski resort."

Caterina: "Hi! My name is Caterina and I work in Quality Management. The work in my department is very varied, but I am mainly responsible for making sure the quality, environment and safety processes are implemented correctly."

Why did you choose to work for Demaclenko?

Philippe: "I’ve been a fan of the brand right from the beginning and I was very impressed of its high quality products. So I decided to join Demaclenko to make big challenge on French market and because it would be pity that French customer doesn’t’ know the range and good product Demaclenko !! I’ve been very impress when I visited and discover the DL product the first time."

Caterina: "Quality Management is concerned with the requirements of the other companies in the LEITNER Group as well as with those of Demaclenko. I decided to work for this group because I have always been very interested in the products and services they offer."

What was your normal working day like before you joined us at Demaclenko?

Philippe: "Before to join Demaclenko, I was working for many different companies as technical director. The day was very long with lot of meeting!!"

Caterina: " This is my first experience of permanent work outside of our family business. I studied in Trento and Vienna, and during my study years I always helped out at home, either on the farm during the holidays or in my parents’ engineering company."

What is it that you appreciate most at the company?

Philippe: "I really appreciate the very good product quality, performance and the really good feedback from our customer when they tested our SG. It’s nice to hear compliments about products Demaclenko. I like also to work with my Italian/Austrian colleague and find good solution to reach the goal!!"

Caterina: "As part of a large group, I have the opportunity to get a glimpse of many corporate aspects, and learn a little bit from all of them. Particularly with my job, I have the chance to interact with many very different people."

How do you spend your leisure time? What do you do when you finish work?

Philippe: "Because we start the business in France, the day are pretty long!! And I try to spend most of time with my family, I’ve 1 daughter (16 years old), and 1 son (11 year old). Otherwise, I practice mountain bike in Enduro, cycling and ski or snowboard during winter time."

Caterina: "Most of my leisure time is devoted to sports. When I was living in Trento, I used to play volleyball regularly, but had to give it up. In general, I like all the forms of sport that have anything to do with nature and the mountains. My second great passion is traveling. I don’t go out in the evening very often, but if some of my friends organize a dinner or something like that, I always join in =)"

What are the best moments in your working day?

Philippe: "Share good time with my colleague, make joke and receive phone call from customer to inform me that Demaclenko has new order!!"

Caterina:"For me, the times when we are together as a team are among the best, and I am very glad to have the chance to consider a problem, to reach a decision together and finally to solve the problem in the group. I am very happy to have many colleagues who have offered to help me and to explain everything I needed to know, especially in the beginning. "

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