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Get in touch with... Michael & Katharina

Hello – Can you briefly introduce yourself and tell us something about your work in the company?

Michael: "Hello! My name is Michael, I'm 20 years old and I come from Bolzano. I have been working for Demaclenko since July 2014. I work as a service technician in the field. My work involves start ups, repairs and inspections of snow guns and pumping stations."
Katharina: "My name is Katharina. I'm 26 years old and I come from the beautiful Valle Isarco, South Tyrol. I have been working for Demaclenko since July 2015. I work in sales administration, i.e. as an assistant to the sales director. In this role I undertake a wide range of tasks to do with order fulfilment in collaboration with other departments, sales promotions, and lots more."

You've been with us for quite a long time. Why did you choose to work for Demaclenko?

Michael: "
I'm interested in snowmaking systems and winter technology. Plus, I need plenty of variety and challenges in my work. No other company would suit me better than Demaclenko."

You've only been with us for a short time. Why did you choose to work for Demaclenko?

Katharina: "I specifically wanted a change to a different field. The decisive factor was the opportunity to work for a company with an international reach and also to be involved with an ambitious company."

What was your normal working day like before you joined us at Demaclenko?

Michael: "I only had summer and casual jobs. Otherwise I was still at school."

Katharina: "Before I had an office job and my responsibilities covered a wide range of tasks. There is still the variety. That's not changed much, but the product has.  As I previously worked in a small team with three people, it was exciting to work in a larger company with lots of other colleagues and departments, spread across different countries."

How do you like working in what is a male-dominated sector? Do you feel you have been fully accepted by the guys? =)

Katharina: "Well, first of all you have to prove you can do the job. But that's got nothing to do with being a woman. Resilience is an advantage in every walk of life. =) nActually, there were no problems and I have been accepted as one of them."

What is it that you appreciate most at the company?

Michael: "What I like most is the readiness to help and the unity of our team. Furthermore, it's very exciting to be working with such a young and motivated team. I like the trust our managers place in us."

Katharina: "What I really like is the involvement and working together as a team. The steady growth of the company in the last few years has brought with it many changes and also many challenges. But we try to work on solutions together and to make improvements on the way. This positive attitude towards the future carries you along."

How do you spend your leisure time? What do you do when you finish work?

Michael: "I spend my leisure time mostly with my friends. In the winter, I'll go skiing (if I can find the time) and in the summer I get on my motorbike or go mountain climbing.
In the evenings I often meet with the rest of the service team for a beer or get together at home with my friends."

Katharina: "My main hobby is music and that is how I spend a large part of my time, whether that's playing the saxophone or conducting. I also like to travel, mainly to cities and to places of cultural interest."

During your service work you must come across some unusual stories. What has been the most exciting day so far as a service technician?

Michael: "One of the most exciting service assignments was in May 2015, when I went to Las Lenas (Argentina). The journey there and back was a challenge, plus there were a number of minor problems with the start ups. But despite all of that, it was an interesting and valuable experience to be mixing with other people and different cultures."

What are the best moments in your working day?

Katharina: "I enjoy working in a well-coordinated team. But there has to be some fun in there as well."
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